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A Tear Worth a Diamond

“Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt” – JOSE ORTEGA Y GASET Contributed by Alba Medina Flores  The MSRED program at MIT has been one of the best

Not your typical ‘Thirsty Thursday’ (well, almost)

By: Kailash Gupta   There is no “typical” day at the Center for Real Estate, but Thursday’s are the most demanding day of the week for me, due to the

Kendall Square: Silicon Valley of Massachusetts

By: Sandra Choy   In the Real Estate Development studio, we were given an assignment to “de-engineer” a development.  Our team consisted of 3 CRE students (Sandra Choy, Bernardo Sacchini,

Spring semester in full swing

By: Mitsuhiro Nomura   After the internship in Japan and Vietnam last month,  spring semester is in full swing. Our new classes and classmates have made us excited again. Real

What does Medical Marijuana have to do with Real Estate?

  By: Jing Yu This January Yanjia Lui and I worked as externs for the commercial real estate acquisition team at Campanelli, a vertically integrated real estate investment and development

Working with trailblazers in Dubai: Opportunity of a lifetime

By: Nason Khomassi  After a demanding first semester, I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: an internship at InvestBridge Capital (IBC) in Dubai.  Along with four of my

Urban Economics at the Virtual Frontier

By: Thies Lindenthal, Postdoctoral Fellow Internet domain names bring the location back to the (more or less) location-less Internet. A domain name provides a virtual street address for any website

Learning from the Pros

By: Stephen Davis,  MSRED 2014 Shortly before starting the fall semester I connected with a friend of mine to get his thoughts on Professor Tod McGrath’s Ventures course – a

The Art and Science of Real Estate Development

by Zac Shore, MSRED 2014 It’s no secret that MIT is a landmark for higher education, but what continues to amaze me about the MSRED program is the multi-disciplinary approach