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Soyak part of largest private real estate development deal in Turkey


Soyak recently completed the largest private real estate development deal ever in Turkey.  The  Kristal Kule Development project, which recently sold for approximately $400 million, makes the project the highest price ever paid for any Turkish private real estate deal. Soyak Kristal Kule is a high-rise office tower project located in Levent, the main commercial district of Istanbul. The 170 meter high tower is made up of asymmetrical sloping surfaces, which adds a dramatic silhouette to Istanbul´s skyline.  The main section of the development  has 35 stories, while there are two secondary portions. One which has 12 stories and another which is a 3 level office park with parking for 1,100 vehicles. This project was designed by  Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects LLP.