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PE Certificate Overview

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MIT Center for Real Estate Collaborates with MIT Professional Education

The collaboration between the MIT’s Center for Real Estate and Professional Education opens an exciting opportunity for real estate professionals, investors, policy-makers, and executives worldwide. Recent global developments have demonstrated that one cannot understand financial markets and the economy without understanding real estate markets and underwriting real estate risk. Our joint new program provides an unparalleled opportunity for professionals and executives to obtain state-of-the art insights about the key factors and investment strategies driving real estate markets, and to deepen their understanding of the development process. All from and by MIT professors and lecturers who are not only globally-renown thought leaders, practitioners, and sought-after consultants in these topics, but also great lecturers. MIT, and the intellectually-exciting and vibrant city of Cambridge (Massachusetts), provide the perfect environment for summer learning in these courses and for the associated social programs.

We expect our real estate professional classes to provide real value to a global audience of executives; top-notch and knowledge-thirsty upward professionals; and to provide training opportunities for large organizations seeking to educate and inspire their most-talented human assets.

List of courses and registration