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Bingrui (Allen) Gong

Allen was born and raised in Northeast China. After graduating from Dalian University of Technology, Allen joined the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). CSCEC is China’s largest construction firm. There, Allen started his professional career working as a Project Engineer on the International Exhibition Center of Beijing, a project valued at $487M. He then was expatriated to CCA, the United States branch of CSCEC, where he worked on a wide range of commercial, governmental and educational projects as a Project Engineer and an Assistant Project Manager before being promoted to Project Manager.

Prior to attending MIT, in addition to working as a project manager, Allen also participated in bidding and pre-construction management process, performing tasks such as cost estimating, contract negotiating and contract drafting.With six years of construction management under his belt, Allen has gained valuable experience. Allen looks forward to expanding his knowledge and capabilities in Real Estate Development and Real Estate Finance at MIT. Allen is happily married to Christina, a MILR candidate at Cornell University. He enjoys traveling, skating, hiking, reading and watching Formula One.