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Chester Foo

Chester worked on conceptualizing strategies and development plans for the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city project in China, and managed the project’s development. Prior to that, he formulated procurement policies to drive the productivity of Singapore’s construction industry.

After graduating as the top few of his mechanical engineering class, Chester joined Building and Construction Authority as a policy officer, where he conceived various policy initiatives. He also acted as a policy consultant to government agencies’ construction projects pertaining to procurement strategies and compliance with policies. He was involved in projects such as a multi-billion land reclamation and underground wharf construction, and public housing developments of $100-300 million.

Thereafter, Chester was appointed as Assistant Director at Ministry of National Development. He spearheaded strategies and projects towards developing an eco-friendly, harmonious and sustainable Tianjin Eco-city, a 30 km-sq-large uninhabitable wasteland-to-city real estate development collaboration between the governments of Singapore and China. He has developed good international relation capabilities, and good understanding of China’s political, cultural and real estate economics landscape.

Chester grew up in Singapore. He plays pop piano and practises martial arts–Taekwondo in his free time.