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Jung Mi (Jaime) Lee

Born and raised in South Korea, Jung Mi received her Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences from Seoul National University in 2009, with a Minor in Economics. Her work experience encompasses the entire real estate development spectrum, from land valuation and site acquisition, to accounting and property finance. Prior to attending MIT, Jung Mi began her career as an assistant manager in the financial and accounting division of Kim’s Investment & Development Group, and participated in a variety of large-scale residential, retail, and mix-use projects, including Jeo-dong Fine Avenue ($700 million, 9,164.80 m2) and Kwanghui-dong multiple complex ($1.9 billion, 24,443.3 m2). Deeply influenced by her husband’s parents, the owner of an established architecture firm and a landscape architecture professor, Jung Mi joined the family business as a project manager to build its new office building. Her diverse professional responsibilities included feasibility studies, development of construction plan and financial projections, and management of contracts regarding economic and legal issue.

At MIT, Jung Mi seeks to enhance her diverse real estate experience with a solid understanding of real estate financial analysis and profound insights into the global real estate market, in order to prepare for a female leadership position within the industry.

With her husband, a graduate student in Architecture and City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania, her ultimate goal is not only to improve the quality of real estate developments in South Korea, but also to establish her own architecture and real estate development firm specializing in urban rehabilitation and affordable housing.