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Kun Qian

Kun was born and raised in Beijing, China. After graduating from high school, he spent 5 years studying and working in Hong Kong. Kun graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in architecture study, and worked for OMA (Office for Metropolis Architecture) as an architect for two years. He came to the US in the year 2012 to pursuit his Master of Architectures’ degree in MIT, and joined the MSRED program in 2014 for dual degrees in architecture and real estate development.

As an architect, Kun was involved with architectural projects of different scales, ranging from small houses of 1000 sqft to huge urban design projects covering a total area of 15 square miles. Throughout his professional experience, Kun worked in collaboration with architects, developers and government officials, as well as village construction workers and farmers in rural area.

Kun is interested in how new technologies could influence the practice of real estate development and architecture design, such technologies include Building Information Modeling (BIM), prefabricated prototyping and 3D printing. He also has a strong belief that the professions of architecture and real estate development will work more closely in the future, which not only generates more profits from more efficiency, but also makes positive cultural impacts on the dwelling landscape of human beings. Being enrolled in the dual degree program gives him a good opportunity to explore the collaboration opportunity between architects and developers.

Other than academic work, Kun develops a variety of interests in his life, including calligraphy, chess, badminton and running. Kun was a member of Hong Kong chess team in the 2012’s World Chess Olympiad.