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Peerati Upatising

Born and raised in the resort island of Phuket, Peerati worked as the assistant manager in business development at Phuket Villa Group, the first and largest residential development company in Phuket. She led three residential projects of 1400 units valuing at 325 million USD, and Best Western Patong Beach project, a 25 million USD hotel design of 7 floors with 224 units. Her diverse experience of responsibilities includes design process and construction management, contract negotiation, operational and sale system enhancement, and feasibility studies for bank loans.

Peerati aspires to expand Phuket Villa Group, and construct creative solutions that not only respond to the changing lifestyle of the community but also meet the future needs of Phuket. At MIT, she looks forward to collaborating with industry leaders to contribute to the refinement of design and business of real estate development, and gain insights on real estate finance and entrepreneurship.

Peerati graduated with a professional degree in architecture from Syracuse University, where she had conducted in-depth design researches on the issues of mass produced and rapid development of real estate. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, analytical sketching, and exploring new dive sites.