The Spaulding Award

The Spaulding Award honors the leadership,energy,and vision Hank Spaulding personified in his work and at the MIT Center for Real Estate.  It is given to a graduate whose work in the industry has enriched the profession. This award is intended to acknowledge work that exemplifies the tradition of excellence that is fostered by the Center. The context is broad, and this award can acknowledge a project, an industry innovation or a leadership initiative. Nominations may be made by graduates of the program (you may nominate yourself) or by others familiar with the nominee and the work nominated.  As Spaulding himself said in presenting the award to its first recipient, Sarah Abrams, “The winner of this award should not only be successful at what she does, but also should do it in a way that brings honor to the enterprise.”


Read about past recipients here.

The 2014 Spaulding Award Winner’s

The 2014 Spaulding Award winner’s are:
Catherine Polleys ’97 and Mark Robert ’94






Only graduates of the MIT MSRED program are eligible for the award. Nominations may be made by any graduate of the MSRED program,

(yes, you can nominate yourself) or by a colleague who is very familiar with the work cited.