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JLL leaders get educated on cutting-edge innovations at MIT

While in town in Boston, JLL’s Americas Executive Committee recently visited one of the world’s foremost institutions for innovation, MIT. The group of roughly 15 was led by JLL Americas

The Case For Incremental Development: Micro Strategies as Part of the Urban Development Toolkit

  Real estate investors of smaller profiles who invest in micro projects are becoming neighborhood game-changers. New solutions in technology, financing, and development policy are providing an assist. OpportunitySpace, for

A Unique Opportunity: IAP Externships

By: David William Roache   One way that the MIT MSRED program differentiates itself from other MSRED programs is the Independent Activity Period (IAP) externship. With the program typically being

Beyond the Books

By: Matt Jones   When I had imagined what the courses in the MIT MSRED program would be like, I never would have guessed that class time would include hanging

Urban Streetscapes: “Hot or Not”?

By: Eric Mo “We use Street Score to create high-resolution maps of perception of safety for different cities in the US. This data can be very useful for urban planners

Coming to Terms

By: Alison Crowley What better way to understand the intricacies of a joint venture agreement than to simulate a negotiation between a developer and sponsor entering into one? MIT Center

A Day of Learning: MSRED Style

By: R. Matthew Wallace As a current and continuing student in the MSRED program, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of co-sponsored alumni events.  One of the main

Are you ready to re-learn how you thought about Real Estate Investment?

by: Zach Shipps Representing MIT as the 2014 National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM) fellow at the Executive Officers conference in Chicago was an honor and incredible opportunity

Miami, CREW and Hillary Clinton Too!

By: Carolina Morgan When we applied to the research assistant position for the CREW Network research project, Jung Mi and I had no idea that the job came with a very


By: Alba Medina   Redefining Teams-manship I feel so honored for having had the opportunity to compete in the semi-finals of the AACRE 2014 CASE Competition in London.  Our team

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