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Blog: Is Work-From-Home an Existential Crisis for Office Space?

By William Wheaton Professor, MIT Founding Consultant, CBRE-EA The press speaks almost daily about the empty office space in America’s CBDs and whether this is a temporary response to Covid19

Blog: Which Malls Close

By William Wheaton MIT Professor CBRE Econometric Advisors There has been a lot of discussion about the declining fortunes of American retailers.  Much focus is on sales declines from internet

The Education—and Miseducation—of an Urban Planner

7.14.2020 by James Rojas This article was originally published on Common Edge. Urban planners take pride in knowing, not feeling, communities. Emotion is generally not part of their toolkit. In fact, it is

Coronavirus, Social Distancing and the secular trend towards a “Virtual Society”

William Wheaton, MIT, CBRE | March 2020 Before the onslaught of coronavirus, most developed economies were moving along a secular trend with an increasing share of “virtual” transactions and “virtual”

Where are the workers coming from: January – February?

Bill Wheaton | March 2019 The strong US January jobs growth figures were actually quite similar to many of the monthly reports over the last year. In fact, over the

Bricks versus Clicks: Which Retail Channel is most efficient?

Bill Wheaton | February 2019  There is no end to questions and debate about the movement of sales from traditional stores over to the Internet. The internet seems to offer

Why does US Food Consumption resist the Internet?

Bill Wheaton | January 2019 The recent Amazon-Whole Foods merger causes me to revisit a long-standing question. In the US, the Food-grocery sector has completely resisted penetration by the internet.

Why firms choose “Edge Cities”: Arlington and Queens

Bill Wheaton | December 2018 US cities have clearly become “polycentric” with older CBDs now co-existing with numerous suburban “edge cities”. The spatial competition between all these subcenters, for the

MSRED ’18 Alum Jen Conway talks AI on Real Estate Tech Guys

See Jennifer Conway (MSRED ‘18) discuss her research on AI in real estate technology on the Real Estate Tech Guys pod cast:

Can Landlords really pass on higher property taxes to tenants?

October 2018 | Bill Wheaton The standard commercial lease involves a rent that incorporates current property taxes (for which the landlord is legally responsible). It also allows to landlord to

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