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Commercial RE Analysis and Investment Online Certificate

Separate from the MIT Center for Real Estate’s (MIT/CRE) On-Campus Certificate Program in Real Estate Development and Finance, MIT offers an online certificate in RE Analysis and Investment. The program includes unique tools, terms and theories pioneered by Faculty Director and leading MIT/CRE Professor, David Geltner.

Commercial real estate investments are appealing assets for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios – offering many advantages, including high-income potential and steady cash flows. However, due to the financial losses associated with mismanagement, these investments can be high risk.

The focus of this 6-week program is to bring the potential of lucrative commercial real estate to investors, while introducing key concepts and tools needed to reduce risk and make intelligent real estate investment decisions.

Earn a certificate from MIT in this online program and be empowered to:

  • Evaluate and select individual property investments by applying financial economic methods
  • Assess the feasibility of real estate development projects using economic principles
  • Explore the micro- and macroeconomic characteristics of the commercial real estate market
  • Use modern portfolio theory to manage real estate investments
  • Measure the performance of real estate investments using benchmarks, and use performance attribution to improve investment performance


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