Annual Partners Meeting

The MIT Media Lab's New Wing

Showcased during a recent Partners Meeting, the Media Lab has expanded into a new, six-floor structure with approximately 163,000 sf of lab, office, and meeting space. The wing was designed by the Tokyo-based architectural firm Maki and Associates. The Media Lab serves as a platform for new concepts in design, communications systems, and collaborative research.

One of our partners said it best: “Real innovation comes from the synthesis of ideas.”

That synthesis is exactly what the MIT Center for Real Estate seeks in our annual Partners Meeting – a gathering of our industry sponsors from around the world to connect, imagine, and re-think the future of real estate.

These gatherings (usually two days in length) invigorate the relationship between the Center and its sponsors, inviting them to join us in determining how science and technology can redefine real estate.

Past themes have included:

Innovation in Action. How advances in technology, the arts, and the media are challenging the ways we think about building. This meeting included a tour of MIT’s Media Lab, one of the world’s preeminent showcases for new concepts in design, communications, and collaborative research.

Building Flexibility. How real options theory is transforming real estate with proven approaches from the aerospace and automotive industries. This meeting featured presentations from Prof. Olivier de Weck in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Prof. Richard de Neufville in the Engineering Systems Division.

Powering the Future. A look at the profound relationship between energy and real estate, its environmental economics, and how we can redefine that relationship in the decades to come. This meeting featured a presentation by Mr. Jón Björn Skúlason, the General Manager of Icelandic New Energy, a hydrogen-based fuel research and development consortium in Reykjavik, Iceland.

While topics typically focus on real estate issues, they have also offered surprising connections to other fields of science – such as the genetics of zebra fish as presented by noted biologist Prof. Nancy Hopkins, as well as tours of the MIT reactor, the Plasma Fusion Center, and the MIT Museum.

The Partners Meeting is an invaluable forum for communication  — providing a showcase for the pioneering work at the Institute and an opportunity to appreciate and learn from our partners, whose feedback guides our research and education programs.

An entertaining exchange of ideas and information between MIT and the real estate community, Partner Meetings bring together people with diverse interests from around the world all sharing one common trait – recognition of the tremendous potential in science and technology for enhancing the built environment.

Join us for our next Partners Meeting. For more information and a detailed agenda, contact Lisa Thoma, Associate Director, at 617.253.2680.

We look forward to seeing you!