MSRED Theses

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September 2020

The Washington D.C. 2020 – 2025 Housing Initiative : reviewing the incentives and barriers to real estate developers’ creation of affordable housing
Author: ‘Kayode Agbalajobi

Real estate securitization in Korea : application of PF ABS and MBS
Author: Jee hee Baek

Building towards an innovation economy : a pilot development proposal that leverages city and institutional partnership to reposition Baltimore
Author: Maximillian S. Beatty

Reinventing retail properties : adaptive reuse strategies that make sense and create value
Author: Ian Duncan Bradley

Analysis of distressed Commercial Mortgage backed Securities (CMBS) loans and special servicing : a case study
Author: Joon Keun Chang

A new life for hotels : adaptively reusing limited service hospitality properties as workforce housing
Author: Eric R. DeWees

Negotiated and prescriptive zoning : a comparison of Boston and Seattle through the lens of Seaport Square
Author: Patrick R. Downey

Multifamily Amenity Wars : defining their current state in luxury urban markets and determining impacts of COVID-19
Author: Elise S. Dubuque

Sorry we’re closed : what closes malls and community centers in the United States? an analysis and predictive modeling of distressed centers
Author: Morgan L. Fleischman

The emperor’s new coastline : an initial framework for real estate investing in a time of climate change
Author: Daniel J. Hare

Data science strategies for real estate development
Author: Sun Jung Park

An analysis of indirect real estate investments in South Korea
Author: Cho Hae Park

Sustainable Value Creation Through Mass Timber Development in North America
Author(s): Andrew C. Thigpen; Benjamin Masselink

The T-Space Model : maximizing value and revenue of transit real estate assets
Author: Manuel S. Velazco

An integrated analytical framework : guidelines for commercial real estate investment management
Author: Junyi S. Zhang

New York City local law 97 : an analysis of institutional response & decision making towards groundbreaking carbon emissions legislation
Author: Kristopher Stephen Steele

May 2020

Technology-enabled Infrastructure : analysis of its economics, public benefits and urban experience
Author: Sea Hoon Kim

From seed to sale
Author: Finn F. Xu

February 2020

Cross-subsidy models for urban manufacturing
Author: Salma Abdelgawad

Capturing the sun : how to monetize solar energy in multi-family developments
Author: Arash Arbabi

Cash flowing solar developments for long-term real estate redevelopment opportunities
Author: Stefan J. Bird

An international comparison on coworking companies using case study approach
Author: Tianyi Fan

A review of the housing market in Beirut between 2005 and 2019
Author: Abdulrahman Hammoud

Challenging the generic : from space to place in urban development
Author: Valeri Patricia Limansubroto

Transit oriented development : best practices and stakeholder perspectives
Author: Kenneth Paul Nolan

Redevelopment option value for industrial property
Author: Yuling She

Incentivizing historic rehabilitation and adaptive reuse in the United States and the United Kingdom
Author: John Royall Warman

How real estate developers define and implement their social impact goals through the real estate development process
Author: Nicole Remi Zaccack

Value in design? Features, pricing, and design strategies
Author: Shane Xue Ying Zhang

September 2019

Taxi activity as a predictor of residential rent in New York City
Author: Philip S. Caporaso

From clicks to bricks : the impact of digital-native consumer brands on retail real estate
Author: Jeffrey Dougherty

The viability of the “build-to-rent” single-family model in tertiary markets
Author: Bretton C. Finley

The maturation and resiliency of the self-storage asset class
Author: Charles T. Hope

Redesign, redeploy, and re-envision urban corporate headquarters : Amazon’s Seattle campus case study
Author: Jeff Jamawat

The leasehold as an alternative ownership structure
Author: Justin C. Lai

Co-living as an emerging market : an assessment of co-living’s long-term resiliency
Author(s): Sam H. Pepper; Aaron Manji

Quantifying partnership terms in real estate joint ventures
Author: Wee Kian Alvin Ong

Risk perception of unentitled land
Author: Gina Pfingston

A regional assessment of transit-oriented office development opportunities in Boston’s suburbs
Author: Sean P. Robinson

A development perspective on creating workforce rental housing proximal to major employment centers
Author: Eric Charles Rosenthal

Vacancy durations in the office market
Author: Jiri Sykora

Real estate crowdfunding in China
Author: Renjie Tang

Overlooked opportunities : small Class B multifamily in secondary sun belt markets
Author: Wade M. Vaughn

Commercial real estate volatility : a decomposition of historical market values
Author: Christopher J. Whittier

Housing assistance and the creation of household wealth
Author: Thomas F. Worth II

Exploring REITs for community-based retail development in China : a new strategy to create better places to live
Author: Qianwen Yin