A Master of Science in Real Estate Development
at MIT

**Due to the impacts COVID the MSRED Program will be adjusting admissions requirements for the 2021-2022 cycle; final updates have been posted and may be found in Application Instruction & Checklist documents **  

Once you submit your application, please allow 24 – 48 hours for a response detailing what, if any, materials may still be outstanding.  Please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for emails from the MSRED Program regarding your application.  

The online application for the MSRED Program will open on Sept. 1, 2021, and close on January 15, 2022, for Fall 2022 matriculation. 

Real estate professionals have traditionally acquired their skills on the job. But as real estate practice becomes more complex, technical, and globally interconnected, the need increases for specialized education beyond the bounds of traditional MBA programs. Recognizing that need in 1983, MIT created the Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED), the first one-year degree program of its kind.

Drawing heavily on relationships with industry that characterizes education at MIT, our curriculum integrates knowledge from each of the major disciplines that contribute to the real estate industry in a rigorous course of study that balances theory and practice.

Weijia Song (MSRED ’18) and Stephen Gallagher (MSRED ’18) are presented awards; 2018


The MSRED program is distinguished from graduate-level real estate programs elsewhere by its academic rigor, interdisciplinary approach, and strong ties with industry. The program is headquartered at the Center for Real Estate, one of many centers at MIT that promote the growth of knowledge in areas that cut across the boundaries of traditional departments. This structure enables our students to enroll in core courses taught by faculty in the departments of Economics, Urban Studies and Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Architecture, and the Sloan School of Management, as well as elective classes throughout the Institute.

Admission to the Master of Science in Real Estate Development Program (MSRED)

MIT’s innovative one-year Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED) prepares men and women for key positions in domestic and international real estate. With a course of study that is rigorous, balanced, and grounded in professional practice, the program gives students a comprehensive understanding of real estate theory and practice — from initial concept to market reality and beyond. Small class size and emphasis on team projects bring together students from many backgrounds and levels of expertise, fostering working relationships that last long after students graduate and return to the industry.

MSRED Admission Requirements

Admission to MIT’s Master of Science in Real Estate Development program is highly competitive. Approximately thirty full-time students are admitted each September; there is no part-time or special student status. In addition, a number of joint degree candidates are admitted each year.

The Admissions Committee seeks a diverse group of students who possess undergraduate or graduate degrees in one of the disciplines that have traditionally provided a basis for work in real estate (for example, engineering, law, architecture, finance, planning, economics, or business), coupled with substantial work experience in some area of the industry. The average age of class members is around 30 years.

The Admissions Committee looks for highly qualified candidates who have an extensive amount of professional Real Estate work experience (minimum of 3-5 years), a strong academic background, as well as clear and focused goals and objectives. Prior to enrolling in the program, students have been employed as brokers, construction managers, planners, architects, commercial loan officers, consultants, financial analysts, and engineers.  

In 2017, the Center for Real Estate introduced the Young Leaders Program to the MSRED degree. This designation is for exceptional applicants with 0-3 years of professional work experience. 

Microeconomics and basic accounting principles at the college level are required. A student who is otherwise qualified but deficient in either of these areas may be admitted provisionally and required to satisfy the prerequisite before enrolling.

To further the Center for Real Estate’s mission to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the real estate industry, the 2020 – 2021 application cycle is the inaugural year of the Center for Real Estate’s Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP), called Closing the GAAP.

The Admissions Committee encourages applications from those in both the public and private sectors in this country and abroad. In addition to the formal academic requirements, the Committee seeks diverse candidates who possess integrity, managerial ability, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Of equal importance is an ability to work congenially and effectively with a wide variety of people.