Application Package Checklist

All applicants must submit the following items by January 15th of the year they wish to enroll:

Download Application Checklist

Download Young Leaders Program Application Checklist

I. MIT Graduate Admissions Online Application Form with Application Fee

  • You must apply for the MSRED program online.  The application will become available on September 1st.

II. Resume

  • Please include a PDF copy of your resume with your application. 

III. Statement of Objectives

  • Statement should articulate past work experience, your rationale for applying to the MIT MSRED program and clearly define your career goals and objectives. The statement should not be more than 1 to 2 pages in length, single or double spaced.

IV. 3 Letters of Recommendation (2 Professional and 1 Academic)

  • Please make sure to send in letters of recommendation for the MIT-MSRED program only and not another program.
  • Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the online application process.
  • For instructions to those preparing letters of recommendation, click here.
  • If you do not have an academic recommendation, a third professional recommendation may be substituted.
  • Young Leaders Program Applicants: please provide two (2) academic and one (1) professional recommendation. If you do not have a professional recommendation, a third academic recommendation may be substituted. 

V. Official Academic Transcript(s)

  • Scanned versions of your transcripts should be submitted with your online application. However, a complete application includes official transcripts from the Registrar of all previous undergraduate and graduate universities, which must be sent directly from the school(s) that you previously attended.
  • Official transcripts may be sent from previous institutions in either hard copy or e-transcript format.
  • Official transcripts must arrive in a signed and sealed envelope, or be emailed directly from your university’s registrar digitally, or they are not considered official.
  • E-transcripts sent directly from your school/institution may be sent to 
  • Uploaded copies can be a scan of your official transcript or an unofficial grade report.

VI. Entrance Examination Results

  • All applicants must submit a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) OR a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score, regardless of professional and/or educational background. Applicants must request official scores be sent directly to the Center, and submit a scanned copy as part of the online application. Applicants need to take either exam before December 31st in order for scores to be received by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • An official report of the test results should be sent directly to MIT from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Official score report must be received by January 15 due date.
  • The MSRED code number for reporting the GMAT score is X5X-W6-19.
  • The Committee will only accept a GMAT test result issued within the last five years.
  • If GMAT is taken multiple times, only the most recent GMAT score will be accepted.
  • Average score of 700


  • An official report of the test results should be sent directly to MIT from the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Official score report must be received by January 15 due date.
  • The Committee will only accept a GRE test result issued within the last five years.
  • If GRE is taken mulitple times, only the most recent GRE score will be accepted.
  • MIT’s reporting code is 3514. Please use the “Department Code 4409” for “Real Estate Development” on the ETS website. Select “Graduate Admissions” under “Division” in the 3514 code results.
  • Average score of 160 per section


VII. English Language Proficiency

  • Either IELTS (our preferred option) or TOEFL  is required if English is not your first language. Scores must be sent directly to MIT from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) AND applicants must submit a scanned copy along with their online application.
  • If you intend to request a waiver, please email: with your request which should include:
    • history of your educational instruction in English (ex. two years of high school in English, four years of undergraduate studies in English, etc.)
    • 2 single-author writing samples (article, essay, thesis, etc.)


  • Test scores must be from within the past two years.
  • TOEFL/IELTS score submission requests must be done in advance in order to receive score by application deadline.
  • Official score report must be received by January 15.
  • Any waiver requests should be submitted one month in advance of the application deadline; denial of a waiver requires an English Language Proficiency exam score to be submitted with your application.


  • Minimum score preferred: 7.5
  • Registration information for IELTS can be obtained at:
  • You must request your official test scores be sent directly from the test center where you take the exam. IELTS has no institutional codes from which to choose.
  • You should request the test scores to be sent to:

ATTN: MSRED Admissions Coordinator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 9-343, Cambridge, MA 02139


  • Test format options:
    Computer based – A score of 250 or better is preferred
    Internet based – A score of 100 or better is preferred
    Paper based – A score of 600 or better is preferred
  • Registration information for TOEFL may be obtained at:
  • School code is 3514. Select “Graduate Admissions” under “Division” in the 3514 code results.

Portfolio or Work Sample

  • A portfolio or work sample is optional, but those applicants who wish to provide one may do so. All documents should be in PDF formatPlease submit your portfolio/work sample PDF before the January 15 deadline via email to . Please ensure the file size is under 10 MB.

If all materials are not received by the MSRED program by January 15, the application is considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Please note that once your application form and materials are received, you will be sent an email acknowledgement.

Please allow for 24-48 hours  processing time between submission and acknowledgement.

The Admissions Committee evaluates each element in a candidate’s application as part of the whole. Selection is based on an individual’s record and on their potential to expand the diversity of the class.

Interviews are not part of the admissions process.

However, the Center schedules an Open House each Fall on campus to give prospective applicants an opportunity to discuss the program with faculty, students, and alumni. The Admissions Committee also encourages prospective applicants to visit the program and sit in on a class.