Tuition and Fellowships


Tuition for the MSRED 2016 – 2017 academic year is $74,338.  Please note that these tuition rates apply to students registered in the MSRED Program only.  It does not include other expenses such as medical insurance and living expenses. Firm tuition rates for the following year are established each spring.

Living Costs

The additional costs of housing, food, medical insurance, books, and personal items may amount to more than $18,000 for a single student. This figure is a guideline only; living expenses should be estimated individually by applicants. Contact the MIT Graduate Housing Office (617) 253-5148, for information on the availability and cost of student housing.

Loans, Fellowships & Fellow programs

Federal Stafford Student Loan Program

A graduate student who is a US citizen or permanent resident should look for loan assistance first through the Federal Stafford Student Loan Program. The maximum loan per year is $8,500. Application forms and details of the application procedure may be obtained at the Student Financial Services Room 11-120, (617) 253-4971. This office is also a good source of information on other types of loans which may be available.

International students who are not US citizens or who do not possess a permanent resident visa are not eligible for federal loans. They must be prepared to meet their expenses for the year without recourse to loans from the Institute.

Fellow Programs

The MSRED program offers a limited number fellow programs. These awards are given at the discretion of the funder and may not be offered every year. Information about CRE  fellow programs is made available to enrolled students as it is received by our program throughout the year. For more information please see the FAQ section.


Samuel Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Fellow program

Awarded annually beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. The main foci of the Samuel Tak Lee MIT Entrepreneurship Lab are: development, urbanization, entrepreneurship, data and technology, affordable housing, and sustainability. Fellows are chosen based on need as well as their interest and expertise in one or more of these areas. The Lab promotes social responsibility among entrepreneurs and academics in the real estate profession worldwide, with a particular focus on China.  To find out more about the Samuel Tak Lee Real Estate Entrepreneurship Fellow Program and how to apply, please click here.


Cultivating Leadership in real estate Prologis fellow program

The Prologis Fellowship will fund a student interested in pursuing an MSRED degree at MIT, with a specific interest in Industrial Real Estate and Logistics Industries, in the amount of $50,000 for the 2016 – 2017 academic year. This fellowship will fund an exceptional candidate with priority given to those with limited financial resources.
For more information, please click here.


The William Wheaton Fellow program

Established in early 2015, the William Wheaton Fellowship is provided to an MSRED student or students who have a demonstrated need for tuition assistance. The fund was established in honor of William Wheaton, Professor Emeritus.

The William Wheaton Student Fellowship Fund will provide financial support to candidates for the Master of Science in Real Estate Development Program (MSRED).  The fund was established to honor the contributions of William Wheaton not only to the Center for Real Estate but also in recognition of his pioneering research and work in the field of Urban Economics.

Awarded annually, the William Wheaton Student Fellowship will be presented to students at the MIT Center for Real Estate based on financial need, career objectives, and academic standing. Students awarded this fellowship will contribute ten hours a week as an Alumni liaison.



The MSRED program offers a limited number of fellowships. These awards are given at the discretion of the funder and may not be offered every year. Information about CRE fellowships is made available to enrolled students as it is received by our program throughout the year. For more information please see the FAQ section.


Public Sector Fellowship

To encourage careers in the public and non-profit sectors, the MIT MSRED offers a Public Sector Fellowship annually to a new graduate of the program. Graduates who accept a full-time, permanent position with a real estate related non-profit or public sector organization are eligible. All applications are due by December 31 of applicant’s graduating year. The amount of the fellowship is $5,000 and recipients can apply the following year for a second fellowship for a grand total of $10,000. The award is processed in the way of loan forgiveness and is applied toward the balance of loans associated with MIT tuition expenses only. Examples of employers of past Public Sector Fellows include: New York City Economic Development Corp., Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, Community Housing Innovations, Inc., Rocky Mountain Institute, Upham’s Corner, Mainstreet Inc., Community Building.

Application for the Public Sector Fellowship consists of:

1. A letter of interest from MSRED graduate which includes a description of job responsibilities
2. A letter of support from applicant’s immediate supervisor on company letterhead which includes applicant’s job description and company brochure or materials.

Materials should be sent to:

Public Sector Fellowship Committee
77 Massachusetts Avenue Bldg. 9-343
Cambridge, MA 02139


Blake Eagle Fellowship

The Blake Eagle Fellowship is provided to an MSRED student or students who have a demonstrated need for tuition assistance. The fund was established in honor of the contributions former Chairman Blake Eagle made to both the Center and the industry.



Other Fellowships

Other fellowship opportunities offered on an as-needed basis, include: The Thomas J. Geraghty Fellowship and The Mark J. Waltch Fellowship. Various other Fellowship and Scholarship aid resources are offered through the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education:


Thomas J. Geraghty Fellowship

The Thomas J. Geraghty Fellowship gives special consideration for students pursuing their first masters degree, who are originally from the Boston area or have been living in the area for a number of years. Selection is based on this stipulation as well as financial need.


Mark J Waltch Fellowship

The Mark J. Waltch fellowship is traditionally for PhD students. However, in the absence of a PhD student, a masters student who demonstrates financial need may be chosen.


The Theodore S. Bacon, Jr. (1956) Fellowship


This fellowship, established for the purpose of graduate student aid, was made possible by the generous support of Theodore Spaulding Bacon Jr. He was professor emeritus of landscape architecture and regional planning at Amherst College and received his Master’s in City Planning from MIT. Mr. Bacon was an accomplished academic and businessman, maintaining his own city planning and urban development business during his teaching career at Amherst College. Offered every other year, students demonstrating financial need may apply for this fellowship.


Gerald Blakely Fellowship

The Gerald Blakely Fellowship is awarded to a student who not only has a financial need, but also pursues the real estate industry with the same passion, imagination, innovation, entrepreneurship, and vision that Mr. Blakely embodies.


SIOR/MIT Real Estate Scholarship

This scholarship was established to recognize a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Real Estate student that has demonstrated excellence and has attributes consistent with SIOR’s mission to promote and support initiatives that expand, educate, and enhance the commercial real estate community.   The scholarship is jointly funded by SIOR New England, Inc. and The SIOR Foundation.


Students interested in applying for the SIOR Scholarship should send a brief (no more than 1 page) statement to Senior Program Coordinator Tricia Nesti ( that speaks to:

  • Goals and vision for career
  • A brief rationale for candidacy
  • A resume should be attached to this statement


Thesis Awards

The Govan Entrepreneurship Award

The Govan Entrepreneurship Award will be awarded to the student whose thesis exemplifies a unique, entrepreneurial idea that celebrates the entrepreneurial success and legacy of MIT CRE alumni. This award is generously sponsored by MIT CRE alum Craig Govan (’94).


Exemplar Award

The Exemplar Award acknowledges a member of the class with great potential for industry leadership. The following characteristics and attributes are considered when awarding the Exemplar Award: authenticity, integrity, academic focus and achievement, leadership, responsibility, commitment to the Center and classmates, vision, and team builder.


MIT Center for Real Estate Director’s Award for Thesis Excellence

Awarded annually by the Center for Real Estate at the end of the academic year, the recipient is chosen from among several nominees in recognition of exemplary work on his or her thesis.


Past Fellowships and Scholarships

To view a list of past scholarships and fellowships offered at the Center for Real Estate, as well as lists of recipients, please click here.