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Arianna Salazar named 35 under 35 LATAM Innovators

October 5, 2017


Arianna Salazar named one of the 35 under 35 Innovators in Latin America. Honorees will gather November 16th at Universidad Panamericana de la Ciudad de México, where they will present their technologies that will be the vehicle of change for the wellness and the economy of the region and the world. 

Arianna is the Analytics Lead at startup Bitsence and has served as a Research Analyst at the MIT Center for Real Estate. She is also a team member of the Local Sense Lab. Arianna is currently pursuing her PhD in Urban Information Systems at MIT.


Check out Bitsence 

Since starting our venture in 2016 we have collaborated with cities, education institutions and companies on a range of cutting-edge projects exploring the intersections of space usage and occupant comfort. We want to improve space performance and enable at scale responsive design. Bitsence is an award-winning interdisciplinary team of urban designers, software developers and business architects.

Check out the Local Sense Lab

Local Sense was founded on two beliefs: first, that the hyperlocal data of how people live their lives is incredibly valuable, and second, that this data must be used to engage—to get the most out of sensor data, we must connect it to feedback loops with citizens, customers, and developers. We believe that this hyperlocal data can change cities, change businesses, and change lives. Our mission is to capture hyperlocal data and to connect that data to feedback loops with citizens, customers, and developers.

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