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Energy Efficiency in the Dutch Housing Market – Dorinth Van Dijk CRE Post-doc in Headlines

Article on energy efficiency in the Dutch housing market

Dorinth van Dijk is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the MIT/CRE affiliated to the Real Estate Price Dynamics Platform. He received his PhD in Finance from the University of Amsterdam in February 2019 with the thesis “Commercial and Residential Real Estate Market Liquidity”. He also works as an economist at De Nederlandsche Bank. He has been writing about Real Estate Housing Economics in many working papers: view here. Most recently, he has received much press in the Netherlands and abroad for his research with De Nederlandsche Bank on energy efficient housing in the Dutch market.

In the shortened English version of the report, the price differences between “green” homes (with energy labels A, B or C) and “non-green” homes is explained. Using microdata about the Dutch housing market to estimate the premium for “green” homes, results show that homes with an A, B or C energy label (relative energy consumption of a home) are sold at a premium compared to homes with a D label. That premium price for homes has been rising since 2015. Consequently, houses with an E, F or G label are sold for significantly less than houses with a D label. The paper is entitled: Mandatory Energy Labels have a positive effect on making Houses Sustainable.

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