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MIT’s Real Disruption Series Talks Block Chain For Real Estate

By Mike Hoban

October 13, 2016

Blockchain Panelists

The MIT Center for Real Estate resumed its cutting-edge “Real Disruption” series last week with an examination of blockchain technology and its applications to the real estate industry, specifically, the impact it will have on the current title recording system. And while panelists were careful to point out the technology is still in its genesis, they left little doubt the inevitable adoption of blockchain is going to have a profound impact on not only CRE but the way the world conducts business.

“I don’t know if society is ready, but it’s coming. We are still at the forefront of all this,” said panelist Christian Saucier, chief technology officer for Ubitquity, a startup developing a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) blockchain platform for securely recording,tracking and transferring deeds. “These technologies have not yet made an impact on the real estate space – but they’re about to.”Held at the Fort Point Room in the Atlantic Wharf Building on Boston Harbor before a gathering of over 100 CRE professionals and students, the panel was moderated by Michael Casey, senior adviser of the Blockchain Opportunities/Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, and included Saucier; Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency, another startup which is developing a means to securitize illiquid assets such as CRE leases; and Avi Spielman (MSRED ’16), founder and president of Joon Properties and author of the MIT whitepaper: “Blockchain: Digitally Rebuilding the Real Estate Industry.”

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