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MSREDs Awarded SA+P Research Funding this Summer

Congratulations to MIT student researchers Kristopher Steele (MCP/MSRED), Ruoming Fang (MCP) and David Maroti (MSRED). Kristopher, Ruoming and David have been awarded SA+P summer fellowships to work on their summer projects with teams in MIT/CRE! David Maroti’s summer project, “City Growth Potential and Real Estate Prices Dynamics” is an exciting collaboration of Prof. David Geltner’s Real Estate Price Dynamics Platform & SUL. With project lead Simon Buechler the study will look at what makes cities grow. They’re examining the relationship between transportation, infrastructure, human capital, city growth and real estate prices and how they affect firm growth & household income. The study aims to translate these insights into development policies for the future of city making! Kristopher’s project “Healthy Building in the era of digital transformation” with Juan Palacios Temprano, Siqi Zheng, and Zhengzhen Tan will study how adoption of new technologies to improve indoor environmental quality in buildings influence health, well-being, and productivity outcomes of occupants. Ruoming Fang’s project “Smart mobile sensing and data platform on AV and EV buses in Zhengzhou, China” will study how transforming buses into a mobile sensing network can inspire innovative, data-informed approaches to green travel in tomorrow’s cities! The project is a collaboration with Senseable City Lab and SUL researchers Fabio Duarte, Jianghao Wang and Siqi Zheng.