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Smart, Connected and Green Symposium

The MIT Center for Real Estate and Maastricht University’s European Center for Corporate Engagement (ECCE) joined forces for an event to explore the economic drivers for innovators in the smart, connected and green buildings of the future on March 25th in Maastricht, the Netherlands. During the day we heard from the innovators themselves, David Geltner and Thies Lindenthal from MIT and Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and Andrea Chegut from ECCE and from leading initiators of the most sustainable and connected cities and buildings. Four topics were discussed: Benchmarking Innovation, Smart, Connected and Green Building Value, the Role of the Innovator in Meeting the Space Demands of today and the Supply of Digitally Connected Innovative Space for tomorrow. For more information on the event, the speakers and their presentations: CLICK HERE

Smart, Connected& Green