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The MSRED students in the MITDesignX 2022 cohort

Congratulations to the entrepreneurial MSRED students joining the 2022 MITDesignX cohort: Ashley Katz and Sherina Zhang with Brella, Benjamin Perryman with re: [stacks], and Alberto Cuellar with Akavis

MITdesignX is an academic program in the MIT School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) dedicated to design innovation and entrepreneurship. Empowering students, faculty and researchers to build new business ventures and forward-thinking solutions designed to address critical challenges facing the future of cities and the human environment.

MITdesignX provides resources to build new solutions, systems and ventures. Successful ventures exist at the intersection of design, business, science and technology. Interdisciplinary teams of creative thinkers and makers fast-track the development of their innovations and launch ventures into the marketplace.