China Future City Lab

The China Future City Lab (CFC Lab) addresses challenges and issues related to urbanization in China; we mobilize the vision, research expertise, creativity, and resources of MIT to develop insight, ideas and solutions that are applicable to the obstacles and opportunities in China’s growing cities. CFC  Lab supports a wide range of basic research projects, investigating aspects of urban and environmental economics and policy, with a special focus on China and also international comparative studies. CFC Lab is engaging with Chinese cities that will serve as “living labs” or testing sites where MIT researchers will have a unique opportunity to test and deploy their innovations. CFC Lab also houses MIT-Tsinghua Future City Innovation Connector, which supports urban innovators applying ideas to China’s urban challenges. We believe complex and multi-disciplinary research and innovation require long-term commitment. CFC Lab initiated a Consortium membership to enable closer knowledge exchange and cooperation between the academia, city leaders, and practitioners. CFC Lab establishes long term collaboration with leading Chinese research institutions like Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Science, to advance new knowledge of Chinese wisdom on sustainable urban development. It will have a far-reaching effect on global urbanization.
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