CRE Research Seminar

CRE launched the “CRE Research Seminar” in Fall 2020. The intent is to feature distinguished scholars in the real estate finance field and provide a rigorous discussion platform for basic research. Each seminar will feature only one presenter’s current work for one hour, including Q&As.

Seminars are held periodically on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00pm EST. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, CRE Research Seminars will take place online via Zoom.

Spring 2021

February 23: Matthijs Korevaar, Erasmus University
“Baby Booms and Asset Booms: Demographic Change and the Housing Market”

March 9: Bill Wheaton, MIT CRE
“The (R)evolution in retailing: Impacts on Real Estate”

March 23: Olivier Schöni, Laval University
“The Geography of Housing Subsidies”

April 6: Daniel Greenwald, MIT Sloan
“Do Credit Conditions Move House Prices?”

April 20: Christian Hilber, London School of Economics
“Why Have House Prices Risen So Much More Than Rents in Superstar Cities?”

May 4: Antoinette Schoar, MIT Sloan

May 18: Lyndsey Rolheiser, Ryerson University

June 1: Andrea Chegut, MIT REI Lab

Fall 2020

November 10th: Chris Palmer, MIT Sloan
“Are Stated Expectations Actual Beliefs? New Evidence for the Beliefs Channel of Investment Demand”

November 24th: Alex van de Minne, University of Connecticut
“The Billion-Dollar Club”

December 1st: Walter Torous, MIT CRE
“Pricing Infrequently Traded Assets”