Real Estate Innovation Lab

The Real Estate Innovation Lab (REIL) is a research lab for innovation in the built environment that links design, innovation, and economic impact.  As unique innovation space for the real estate community, the lab’s primary objective is to create an intellectual community of multi-disciplinary researchers for developing academic work on innovation that impacts the development of the built environment.  21st-century innovation for the built environment is linked to the development of digital platforms, products, and processes. Development, design, planning and media are reshaping the built environment through innovative technologies. Much of the innovation that is transforming cities and the built environment is, in fact, starting with MIT through its entrepreneurial legacy in design, planning, media, and art. However, there is a need within the real estate community to keep track of, understand, synergize with, and even assist this revolution.  This is the underlying role of the REIL within the real estate community: to identify innovative products, processes, and technologies that enable better growth for the built environment.