Samuel Tak Lee MIT Real Estate Entrepreneurship Laboratory (STL Lab)

The mission of the Samuel Tak Lee MIT Real Estate Entrepreneurship Lab (STL Lab) is to create a new generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs and academics within the field of real estate. It supports and mentors young individuals from all backgrounds to fulfill their potential to become future entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the field of socially responsible development and real estate studies. To achieve this objective, the STL Lab will fund graduate fellowships, advanced faculty research, and academic and professional exchange programs to attract U.S. and international students, scholars, and practitioners to participate in cross-disciplinary research and educational activities. The aim of the STL Lab is to harness the transformative power of socially responsible real estate development to enrich the lives of future generations of entrepreneurs and to shape the built environment in China. New knowledge and innovative ideas created by the STL Lab will be disseminated to global audiences through online courses, multi media case studies, and educational games via edX and other Internet platforms.  The STL Lab’s programs want to engage all schools, departments, labs, and centers at MIT. The STL Lab will continue to create and strengthen domestic and global partnerships with other universities, public agencies, and industrial leaders whose activities and interests are in line with the Lab’s mission.

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