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Carlos Augusto Mejia Martinez

Cartagena, Colombia
B.S. Civil Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota

Carlos Augusto Mejia Martinez, born in 1993, from Cartagena, Colombia. Studied at Gimnasio Cartagena, a Catholic School in the outskirts of the city, finished as top 2 of his class and was Students Representative Committee President. After that, left for one year to France, to pursue a minor in “Histoire et Langue Française”. Coursed his Civil Engineering undergrad at Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, as well as his specialization in Finance. Has always been passionate about Real Estate Development, as it is his family company core business since early 2000´s. At the moment he runs the private tender construction division of his company Delta Ingenieria SA (2nd generation) as well as his own development company called CAME. 

Having watched his city grow for the last 20 years has been an inspiration, and it’s his ambition to contribute to its development, not only business wise but also socially. Bringing funds from institutional investors focused in RED can help generate thousands of jobs and more opportunities for people to have access to a decent home. As cliché as it may sound it has always been his dream to study at MIT, and it´s his desire to share personal aspirations and knowledge with his fellow graduates, with whom he can surely relate in many ways. Apart from his professional life, Carlos enjoys fiction literature, wine tasting and playing golf in his free time.