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Fan He

Fan comes to the MSRED program with 4 years of experience in urban development. His career has undergone a transition from construction management to real estate investment as well as a geographical change from Hong Kong to South China. This combined experience enriched his understanding of urbanization process from aspects of project implementation and real estate economics. At MIT, he wants to examine the developing trend of real estate development and get some inspiration about how to improve its efficiency via innovative tools. Recently, in a large CBD development project in south China, Fan organized the whole work of regional planning and design, land policy optimization and completed a large investment of $10B in a commercial and housing projects. In the process, he contributed his expertise in market research, financial evaluation and commercial negotiation. 

 Back in Hong Kong, Fan entered his rookie year managing a construction site in Causeway Bay, where he deeply engaged in all aspects of front-line project management. There, he better understood the double-edged power of the real estate economy beyond the concrete space. Also, he realized the importance of a well-designed real estate market, which ensured the sustainable development of human city. 

Fan received his bachelor degree in construction management from Tsinghua University, where he laid the academic foundation in civil engineering, project management and urban economy.