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Mingyao (Vivian) Li

Mingyao joins MIT with five years of work experience in built environment project management and business advisory consultancy. She managed some urban development initiatives and capital expenditure for several global brands’ corporate real estate divisions. Through the partnership with WBCSD, she worked with the Chinese government on a pilot project of a zero-carbon energy supply district for Xiong’an New Area. For corporate clients, she supported the delivery of “incubation spaces” that incorporate “kit of parts” workplace design prototypes and user behavior studies. She also initiated digital twin development for clients’ properties and projet delivery on 5D BIM platform. 

She is most motivated by helping clients on digital transformation through a design thinking approach. She was selected and trained as the global digital ambassador to transform business for her own company and developed digitalization blueprints for clients. As a member of her company’s research group, she worked with Hong Kong Government task force on resolving the land supply issue, where she developed cost and contract skeleton for Public Housing Schemes and proposed a “Land Prioritization Framework” to quantify social and economical value for housing development. 

Mingyao holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong. At MIT, Mingyao aspires to gain more systematic insight into the full lifecycle of real estate development, as well as its social, cultural, and economic interactions within the urban context. She is also prepared for research and entrepreneurial exploration in the area of affordable housing.