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Minkoo Kang

Minkoo joins MIT after 6 years of experience as an architect and urban researcher.  Until recently he worked as a project leader at OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture), focusing on the realization of innovative ideas in the built environment. OMA’s multidisciplinary approach to architecture inspired Minkoo to explore and study outside the realm of design. He is currently interested in the housing market, the countryside and the regeneration of Asian megalopolises.

Minkoo’s objective during the MSRED is to deepen his understanding of the global real estate market with an emphasis on acquisition, financing, and development. He eventually hopes to develop a creative business model that could tackle urgent urban issues by linking his expertise in architecture with the findings during the course.

Born and raised in Seoul, Minkoo received a Bachelor of Science from Hanyang University majoring in interior design and holds a Post-Graduate Certificate from Strelka Institute for media, architecture, and design in Moscow. He lived and worked in 6 different cities in the past 7 years: Moscow, Rotterdam, Qatar, Hong Kong, New York, and Seoul and participated in more than 25 projects in 10 different countries. The projects varied in scale and typology from conducting market analysis to designing buildings and creating new cities.