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Ruichen Ni

Ruichen is joining Center for Real Estate in hopes of gaining knowledge for the industry and learning to be a socially responsible real estate developer and future entrepreneur. At MIT, Ruichen is currently a graduate student in the Master of City Planning program at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Intending to augment her planning study with a more sophisticated understanding of private investments in urban development and disruptive innovations that are transforming the industry, she believes the addition of MSRED will help her determine the future career trajectory. She hopes the knowledge from both fields can assist her to reflect critically and exert positive social impact on the built environment along the way.

Before MIT, Ruichen trained as a landscape architect and horticulturist. Graduated from Penn State University, she experienced urban design and research across scales, from watershed-scale eco-friendly planning to plaza redesign for urban core revitalization. During undergrad, she also researched in the field of design computation with a publication that aimed at creating an algorithm to assist municipal design decision making. Ruichen worked on projects in the U.S., Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, China and Japan. Immersing in different contexts and cultures, she has built up a global scope when looking at issues, while iterative design thinking has become part of her daily practice.

Outside of studying, Ruichen loves hand-drawing and runs an Instagram artist account that has been collecting fire hydrants around the world for seven years. Her favorite sport to watch is figure skating.