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Thomas Worth

Thomas holds degrees from the Universities of Michigan, Oxford, and Harvard in classical and medieval Latin, ancient Greek, classical archaeology, medieval German, palaeography, and older Germanic languages.  He has developed and offered courses in Latin, Greek, modern and medieval German, the history of language, and Viking literature.  He is a specialist in Germanic alliterative verse and medieval retellings of the Trojan War.

In addition to his academic studies, Thomas is a highly accomplished lightweight rower.  He competed for his first two universities, and with a local club in Boston, before becoming a coach whose boats maintain a 94% victory rate.  He was awarded college colours for significant contributions to the St Edmund Hall Boat Club, and also won the Viking Boat Race, where teams rowed longships from Denmark to England.

Thomas worked as a draftsman in high school and as an undergraduate, and still prefers renderings drawn by hand.  Before founding his own business, he worked in software design and financial services.  He now operates a business which specializes in helping homeowners in Boston and New York undertake large-scale renovations and other significant customizations of their properties, as well as designing and implementing real estate investment and improvement projects.  Much of his work falls under project management and owner’s representation, but after coming in to rescue a number of struggling projects – as well as not a few marriages in the process – many clients have taken to calling him instead their “housing therapist.”