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Yuehan Wang

Yuehan Wang is currently study­ing in the Master of City Planning program, City Design and Development concentration. Before coming to MIT, she obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Urban Planning from Sichuan University, China. Her interest is in urban design and social science. Previous works include spatial justice study of urban villages in China, renovation with landscape infrastructure, ecological resilience of agricultural landscape and anthropological study of China’s air pollution. 


After coming to MIT, she views multidisciplinarity to be the key for effectively solving the troubling urban issues of our time, so she also developed the passion for exploring technology and data’s role in urban intervention and is expand­ing her skillsets of data analysis and visualization. She currently works as a research assistant at the urban mobility lab.


Her motivation of joining the MSRED class is that she recognize real estate development as one of the most powerful force for urban change. Depart from the role of a designer, she seeks to look into the urban space production process with a macro, comprehensive and rational perspective, and obtain the research-based expertise necessary to solve complex problems in the current real estate market.