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Sharing School of Architecture



Thesis Advisors: Anton Garcia-Abril, Professor of Architecture; John F. Kennedy, Lecturer, Center for Real Estate


Pedagogical experiments played very important role in shaping architectural discourse and practice in the second half of the 20th century. Along the history, the architecture discipline developed and struggled for new territories by articulating its relationship to the technological, socio-political and cultural transformations of the time — and education became a vehicle for these actions.

The rise of information technology brought sharing economy to urban life. Accessibility to spaces has been redistributed along with the notion of private and public territories. As companies starting to build platforms like Airbnb, Breather to accelerate the mixing of multi-programmatic spaces, institutional organizations tend to stay unchanged for their spatial arrangements.

With the title of “Sharing School of Architecture”, this thesis is putting together an argument as well as an attempt to push architecture school to the frontier of sharing economy by reimaging its spatial and programatic organization in the contemporary urbanism context, which eables architecture elements to access, curate and reinvent spaces into pedagogical programs. Instead of a static campus with traditional curriculum, architecture school should be an ever-growing network of spaces as part of urbanization, and a system continuously generating creative content that fullfills people’s contenporary urban life.