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Thies Lindenthal

postdoctoral fellow

email: thilin@mit.edu

Thies Lindenthal

Dr. Thies Lindenthal, who is conducting research at the CRE sponsored by ICANN, possesses a versatile expertise in both virtual and real space. After acquiring entrepreneurial credits as a founder and CEO of Internet consultancy finnlabs, he pursued a Ph.D. in Real Estate Finance from Maastricht University, The Netherlands. He has published in peer reviewed journals, contributed chapters to text books and written articles for public media outlets.

Lindenthal has also acquired and completed commissioned research for the European Commission and the Province of Limburg in The Netherlands. His interdisciplinary research led to the first scientific-grade price index for Internet Domain Names (IDNX), which quickly gained reputation as the domain industry’s leading benchmark. Thies has presented domain related research at leading academic and industry conferences and served as an expert witness for domain valuation at US courts.

Thies Lindenthal’s CV

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