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Developing Health-Centered Communities Webinar Part 2: Preserving Health in the Built Environment

Pandemics, epidemics, and other health issues have had significant impacts on real estate and urban planning. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a proliferation of digital technologies with the potential to deliver and monitor healthcare in new ways have been introduced. Never has the world needed solutions that lie at the intersection of real estate development, design, technology, and healthcare delivery more than it does today.

Explore how health and wellness needs are creating new opportunities in our two-part webinar, Developing Health-Centered Communities: The Intersection of Technology, Real Estate & Health, presented by MIT Professional Education, Harvard Medical School Executive Education, and MIT Center for Real Estate. 

In these two one-hour webinars, you’ll join leading experts as they discuss innovative new models and explore how different community structures can support wellness and healthy living.

Part two of the series, entitled Preserving Health in the Built Environment: Meeting the Needs of an Aging Population will take place on August 27 2020, from 12–1 p.m. Around the world, a rise in chronic medical conditions coupled with an increasingly aging population is multiplying demand for built environments that can help the elderly avoid extended hospital stays and age in place. In part two of this webinar series, together we will:

  • Discover how extended lifespans are shaping the future of real estate development
  • Explore emerging solutions for preserving health outside formal medical settings, from new care-at-home models to digital tools for preventing falls
  • Assess the potential for connected technologies to improve well being in the built environment