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Navigating Treacherous Waters: US Private Real Estate Debt Market Opportunity and Investment Strategy under New Debt Capital Market Order

By Yunda Li

Thesis Advisor: Walter Torous, Senior Lecturer, MIT Center for Real Estate


U.S. commercial real estate debt capital market is experiencing some underlying structural changes. New regulations in banking and CMBS industry have resulted in reduced roles of these regulated lenders in the commercial real estate financing market. Funding gaps appear in the market as regulated lenders pullback from various types of lending.

This paper delivers a comprehensive and most updated analyses on the current U.S. commercial real estate debt capital market opportunities and investment strategies. The paper illustrates the current debt capital market landscape, summarizes the key regulation changes that created challenges for regulated lenders, identifies the current dislocations and opportunities in the U.S. commercial real estate debt capital market, analyzes appropriate investment strategies that can capitalize on these opportunities, and finally identifies target investors for each strategy.

This paper takes the angles of both investment managers and institutional investors, as it provides insights and analyses for both audience groups.